HO Kei-ping
Nelson YU
Mary STEPHEN, KONG Chi-leung
Sound Director
TU Du-chih, WU Shu-yao
Production Designer
MAN Lim-chung
Art Director
Billy LI
Costume Designer
Polly CHAN
Action Choreographer
LIU Mingzhe
Action Consultant
Stephen TUNG
WONG Chi-ming
More Cast
Tony LEUNG, Ivana WONG, Masatoshi Nagase, Nina PAW, Jessie LI

Our Time Will Come

China, Hong Kong
Drama, War
131 min
Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin
ZHOU Xun, Eddie PENG, Wallace HUO, Deanie IP
1941, Hong Kong is under Japanese occupation. 

The occupation transformed Hong Kong from a prosperous city into a barren land with no food or water. Primary school teacher, Fang Lan and her mother are trying to live out this difficult period in a small run-down flat in Wanchai. After the schools are shut down, Lan – who recently broke up with Wing - unwittingly finds herself embroiled in the guerillas’ mission to save novelist Mao Dun. In the process, she meets Blackie Lau, the intrepid sharpshooter captain of the guerillas’ Urban and Firearms unit. Taking notice of Lan’s calm, intelligent nature, Blackie recruits her to join the guerillas. 
Lan sets up a secret liaison point for the guerillas in the city, stealthily delivering intelligence and extracting artists from the city under the watchful eyes of the Japanese military. Worried for her daughter’s safety, Lan’s mother volunteers to take Lan’s place as a courier, only to be arrested on the job. To save her mother, Lan is forced to turn to Wing, who now works for the Japanese…
Awards & Festivals
•  Shanghai Int'l. Film Festival 2017
•  SFFILM Hong Kong Cinema Program 2017
•  London Film Festival 2017
•  Leiden Int'l. Film Festival 2017
•  Busan Int'l. Film Festival 2017
•  Hawaii Int'l. Film Festival 2017
•  Stockholm Int'l. Film Festival 2017
•  San Diego Asian Film Festival 2017
•  Five Flavours Asian Film Festival 2017 — Opening Film
•  Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2017
•  Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017
•  AACTA Awards 2017
•  Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2017 — Best Film
•  Dublin Int'l. Film Festival 2018
•  Asian Film Awards 2018 — Best Composer
•  Hong Kong Film Awards 2018 — Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction, Best Original Film Score
•  Udine Far East Film Festival  2018
•  Hong Kong Int'l. Film Festival 2018
•  Asian Film Festival 2018
•  Art Film Fest 2018
•  Shanghai Film Critics Awards 2018 — Film of Merit
•  Sakhalin Int'l. Film Festival 2018
•  Zurich Film Festival 2018
•  Spring Film Festival 2019
•  Chinesisches Filmfest Muenchen 2019
•  Festival des 3 Continents 2023