Busan: ‘Winter’ is Coming to Market With Distribution Workshop

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Variety by Patrick Frater
“Somewhere Winter,” a Chinese-language romantic drama, has joined the sales slate of Distribution Workshop in time for the Busan International Film Festival’s Asian Film Market.
The film is directed by David Wang Weiming (“Sex Appeal”) and stars Ma Sichun (“Soul Mate,” “The Left Ear”) and Wallace Huo (“Our Time Will Come”).

The movie tells a love story about two generations and three cities. Destiny brings the lovers together and then tears them apart. With all ups and downs over the years, only the song “It’s About in Winter” remains the same. The story is based on the eponymous novel by Rao Xueman (“The Left Ear”,) which was in turn inspired by famous singer Chyi Chin’s popular 1987 song “It’s About in Winter.”

Production is by Jimmy Huang (“Life of Pi,” “Cape No.7”). Production companies and investors include: Beijing Dino Films, Jiangsu Xue Man She Film Production, and Tencent Pictures (Hong Kong). Cinematopgraphy is by ace Mark Lee Ping Bing (“The Assassin,” “In the Mood for Love”).