Chow Yun Fat wins CAFF's Best Actor Award

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Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom by Heidi Hsia
The 14th Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) honoured the legendary actor Chow Yun Fat for Best Actor recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who won the award for his role in "Project Gutenberg", was unable to attend the event which was held at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood, and instead sent a video to express his gratitude for the honour.

Thanking director Felix Chong and producer Wong Bun, Chow stated that he was grateful to be given such a great character to play in the movie – one that he has never done before in his career.

He also thanked co-star Aaron Kwok, saying, "Without him, my performance of this character won't be as entertaining. We really played off of each other really well."