Original Story
Dante LAM, Candy LEUNG
Jack NG, FUNG Chi-fung, Dante LAM
Kenny TSE (HKSC)
Azrael CHUNG
Henry LAI
Art Director
CHEUNG Siu-hong
Costume Designer
Stephanie WONG
Action Choreographer
LING Chi-wah


Dante LAM
China, Hong Kong
Action, Drama
117 min
Cantonese, Mandarin
Nick CHEUNG, Eddie PENG, MEI Ting
Fai used to be a Boxing champion of Hong Kong two-time, after a stint in prison for participating to a match fixing boxing, Fai is knee-deep in debt with no solution in sight. To escape his debtors, he flees to Macau and works as a gym assistant. He meets and ends up training Si-Qi, a hot-blooded young man who enrolled in an open MMA competition with no fighting experience. After a series of wins, Si-Qi is critically injured and eliminated from the tournament. Ignited by Si-Qi's persistence and unwillingness to give up in the face of defeat, he rediscovers his will to fight and steps back in the ring against the fighter who injured his student. How far will Fai's resurrected fighting spirit take his 48-year-old body?

Awards & Festivals
•  Shanghai Int'l. Film Festival 2013 — Best Actor, Best Actress
•  Taipei Film Festival 2013 — Gala Premiere
•  Summer Int'l. Film Festival 2013 — Opening Film
•  Toronto Int'l. Film Festival 2013
•  Hawaii Int'l. Film Festival 2013
•  Tokyo Int'l. Film Festival 2013
•  Stockholm Int'l. Film Festival 2013
•  San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013
•  Toronto Reel Asian Int'l. Film Festival 2013
•  Kolkata Int'l. Film Festival 2013
•  Golden Horse Awards 2013
•  FILMASIA 2013
•  Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2013
•  Chinese American Film Festival (C.A.F.F.) 2013 — Best Film
•  Huading Award 2013 — Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Best Directing for a Motion Picture
•  Macau Int'l. Movie Festival 2013
•  Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2014 — Film of Merit, Best Actor
•  CinemAsia Film Festival 2014
•  Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 — Best Actor
•  Newport Beach Int'l. Film Festival 2014
•  Udine Far East Film Festival 2014
•  Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014
•  Art Film Fest 2014
•  Shanghai Film Critics Awards 2014 — Film of Merit 
•  Chinese Film Media Awards 2014 — Best Actor
•  Changchun Film Festival 2014
•  Pyongyang Int'l. Film Festival 2016
•  New York Asian Film Festival 2018